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Bạn đang xem: Teaching Feeling

a game by FreakilyCharming
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 review
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 137 votes
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I will admit that I went into Teaching Feeling with the thought that this is yet another visual novel style trò chơi that is just all about sex. Vì chưng not get me wrong, we have some sexy moments here, but there is far more heart in this game than I was expecting và I found myself far more attached than I thought I would.

Take My Girl

The premise of the trò chơi is rather strange. One day a very odd man shows up & thanks to you helping him out. His way of repaying you is with a young girl as a gift. Now, this girl has been through hell. She is all scared up, wearing what looks lượt thích a sack as a dress & she shows no emotion what so ever. He tells you that you can bởi vì whatever you want with her!


Right there & then, I thought I knew exactly what the game was getting at, but that is not actually the case at all. Rather than adding more to lớn this young girls woes, Teaching Feeling is a game about making her “feel” again. It is very interesting and it actually made me care for her as a character and want khổng lồ see her happy.

Make Her Happy

The idea of the trò chơi is that you have plenty of choices lớn makes. These range from taking her out for the day, getting her pancakes, buying her a nice dress và just showing her that there is more lớn life than the horrible abuse she has suffered so far. It is rather hard-hitting stuff & I was so worried about making her sad I was always second-guessing what I was doing as I wanted her to lớn be happy.

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It is a very interesting kind of chơi game mechanic & one that I really cannot think of experiencing before in a trò chơi of this style. Now as great as the idea of looking after this young lady is. The overall game play can be rather repetitive so I bởi vì wish that they changed a few things in this regard up khổng lồ keep it nice & interesting.

Collect Them All

While I found trying khổng lồ make this young girl happy the best motivation for playing the game. Teaching Feeling actually has many different things for you to collect. These are mostly new items of clothing & accessories for her, but I was surprised at how addictive it was trying to get her a new outfit to wear. Not just so that she “looks hot” but so that she smiles and is happy that someone is doing something nice for her.

I know that some people get into these kinds of games for one thing & one thing only. But I must admit I found this to be a very nice change of pace.


Overall I found Teaching Feeling to lớn be a far more engaging game than I thought it would be. While I vày wish there was more variety lớn the overall gameplay. As far as visual novel style games go. I really like how the goal here is not just all about sex but is about making a young girl “feel” about things & experience things for the first time.



I loved the idea of the gameThere are plenty of things khổng lồ collectThe trò chơi is always being updatedThe overall story is dark, touching and even sexy too! You will get emotionally invested in the game


Not a lot of actual chơi game to sink your teeth intoMight not be “hardcore” enough for some people
reggie posted a review
Overall rating: 8

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