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Let’s Meet One Of the We Got Married Legendary Couples – SoRim!

Song Jae-rim (born on February 18th, 1985) is a South Korean actor and model. He began his career as a runway model for the Seoul collections of Juun. Tuy nhiên Jae-rim joined the fourth season of the reality show titled We Got Married where he was paired with Kim So-eun in a “virtual” marriage. Their appearance in the show boosted their popularity both as a couple & as individual celebrities.

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Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun are most notable from their appearance on the show, We Got Married, from 2014 to 2015. Their stint on the show garnered them a lot of attention due lớn their steamy yet sweet chemistry, an attraction that could not be found in the other couples going on the show at the time. In this article, we are going to lớn find out how sweet they were when they became a couple, so stay tuned và keep scrolling downward!

Song Jae-rim và Kim So-eun in We Got Married

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We Got Married brought this couple so much attention from the Korean public due to their undeniable chemistry and steamy skinship that drew all the fans lớn the yard! From the very first meeting, through their wedding, khổng lồ their domestic life together and their final goodbye, everything was colored lượt thích a very picturesque scene that seemed to lớn have come out of a movie.

Song Jae Rim và Kim So Eun earned themselves the nickname “LTE Couple” because of their sizzling chemistry. They didn’t hesitate to build their chemistry & demonstrate that chemistry through sweet kisses and loving touches. These kinds of actions are guaranteed khổng lồ make fans’ and viewers’ hearts flutter inside their chests.

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Don’t they look lovely? And according khổng lồ netizenbuzz, there are netizens’ reactions to lớn their chemistry…

1. <+5,748, -141> “Maybe because they’re both actors but their visuals are…♥ The pictorial looks good.”

2. <+5,363, -194> “Ah… so much chemistry between them.”

3. <+4,780, -135> “Cuties ㅋㅋ they match each other well.”

4. <+965, -40> “Everyone’s obsessed with song Jaerim but I feel lượt thích Kim Soeun’s the one who makes song Jaerim shine. They have great chemistry together.”

5. <+801, -26> “I lượt thích Song Jaerim but Kim Soeun’s so charming as well ㅋㅋㅋ they match well ㅜㅜㅜ”

6. <+163, -19> “I like this couple ㅎㅎ Kim Soeun’s so pretty.”

7. <+112, -9> “I wish they would play this couple all hour long.”

Song Jae-rim Revealed the Truth Behind the Physical Intimacy with Kim So-eun


According to lớn Soompi, on the January 10th episode of tvN’s Life Bar, song Jae Rim appeared as a guest alongside actress Yoon So Hee, his close friend.

Host Shin Dong Yeob brought up tuy nhiên Jae Rim’s time on We Got Married with Kim So Eun và the couple’s immense popularity due to their physical intimacy.

Song Jae Rim said he was really close with Kim So Eun on We Got Married, & explained that their physical closeness as a fantasy married couple was in part because he và Kim So Eun had a common goal in mind. “We had a friendship and a common goal: ‘We need to lớn (finish filming) và go home quickly. So let’s make enough material for the show & go.’”

He revealed that at the time, he said to lớn Kim So Eun, “If there’s anything that’s bothering you, tell me. I’ll adjust. Let’s have fun.” song Jae Rim said, “We still have that kind of camaraderie with each other.”

Latest News of tuy nhiên Jae-rim


Three days ago he posted a video of him playing with a large leaf…