Getting sub from a clip or downloading subtitles from YouTube is a way to help us get the entire content of a clip on the internet.There are many good purposes from this, such as you want to memorize a song, make karaoke videos or learn English lectures… You can currently tải về subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, or some video websites with subtitles in two popular formats, TXT and SRT.Lucid ren will guide you through 3 ways to tải về subtitles from YouTube quickly without using the software.

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Table of contentsHow to download subtitles from YouTube using online tool tool

Download subtitles from YouTube directly

Youtube video clip sharing platform has supported downloading video clip subtitles directly without using middleware or websites.This makes it easy for us khổng lồ get the subtitles in the desired language in just a few minutes.Find out how below!

A little introduction: Lucid ren has just launched a tool todownload YouTube videos with 4K HD SD MP3 quality, please refer to and save the tool links to use.

Step 1:Visit the website and tìm kiếm for a đoạn phim you want khổng lồ get Subtitle.Note, you should choose videos that already have sub-languages ​​that you want to lớn download.For example, when you want lớn get the sub from the Youtube video,We are currently – Son Tung MTP.

How to tải về subtitles from YouTube

Step 2:You observe the right side of the screen; right below the đoạn clip will seea three-dot icon(next to lớn the Save button).Next, you click on the icon & select the three dotsto xuất hiện transcriptions(Open transcript).

Choose to mở cửa Open transcript khổng lồ get video subtitles

Step 3:After choosing to mở cửa the transcription, you will see the subtitles and the entire timeline of the subtitles displayed khổng lồ the right of the video.ChooseToggle timestamps(toggle timestamps)if you want khổng lồ get the subtitles, not the timestamps.

How to download subtitles from YouTube no time

Step 4:You đen out the entire subtitle, copy & paste it into a text reader (Word, Notepad, Facebook …)

Download subtitles from YouTube successfully, left has time and right has no time

So, you have successfully taken the sub from a Youtube video, quite simple, right?In addition khổng lồ the direct way you can visit the support websites, here are some support websites that are very easy khổng lồ do.

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How to tải về subtitles from YouTube using online tool tool

In addition khổng lồ copying directly on YouTube, you can get subs from videos or tải về subtitles from Youtube using other online tools.They are all straightforward; paste the links and download it.

download subtitles from YouTube bằng SaveSubs

Savesubs is also a website that supports downloading YouTube subtitles quite conveniently.You need to follow the instructions below of Lucid ren to be able to get sub videos quickly:

You visit the the website’s homepage interface, paste the đoạn phim link to download the software & click theExtract và Downloadbutton.

You wait for the website lớn load the subtitles versions, select the language subtitles you want to download.The website interface supports you to tải về subtitles in TXT or SRT format; depending on your personal needs, you can choose the appropriate subtitles version.Savesubs also supports users to download Youtube videos very conveniently.

How to tải về subtitles from YouTube with SaveSubs

download subtitles from YouTube bởi DownSub

Like Savesubs, Downsub is one of the websites supporting downloading Youtube đoạn phim subtitles quickly and simply.Just follow the instructions here:

You access the the homepage interface, paste the video link to download YouTube subtitles & click the download button.Then you choose the subtitles language you want to download in SRT or TXT format.

With just 3 simple steps above, you can get sub YouTube videos easily and quickly.

How to download subtitles from YouTube with DownSub


With just the above simple ways to tải về subtitles from YouTube, you can get YouTube subtitles quickly and completely for free.Now use these subtitles to understand the video, study, or entertain.Don’t forget to giới thiệu the article to help your friends know more about this knowledge!